Campus & Traffic Flow


Each GREEN campus strives to ensure a smooth and consistent traffic flow and schedule to make daily routines as peaceful and convenient as possible.

A school map and a Traffic Flow Diagram showing how our carline works can be found below. We ask that all drivers on school property obey the rules to keep our children safe and to be respectful of other drivers by practicing safety, vigilance and proper etiquette when merging, dropping off or picking up students.

Email us at or call us at (864) 288-4134 with any questions or concerns.

Traffic Flow

Arrival updates:

1. In order to expedite drop off, students do not need to wait to get out of the car in the morning until a carline helper assists them. They may exit safely once they are in front of the main building.

2. Please do not park on the side street and allow your students to walk down the sidewalk or from GREEN apple.

(We understand some of our families have some students at both locations, but many do not.) Please use carline.

Dismissal updates:

1.) Please pull close to other cars in front of you so we are not blocking Pelham Rd.

2. 3rd-5th grade parents/guardians- please continue waiting until 2:45 to enter the parking lot. If you are told to leave the parking lot when you've arrived prior to this time, you must leave the parking lot completely. DO NOT get back in line until after 2:45pm.

3. K5-2nd grade parents/guardians must be in the parking lot by 2:50 or you will be stuck in the 3rd-5th carline.

4. K-2 students will be sent to afterschool at 3:00 if not picked up (unless they have older siblings) and 3-5 will be sent at 3:40. Any student not enrolled in after school who is sent there due to late pick up will accrue a late pick up fee.